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ANDREA ALESSI - Early Renaissance Artist

ANDREA ALESSI - Early Renaissance Artist

We are pleased to invite you to the presentation of the monograph ANDREA ALESSI / Ranorenesansni umjetnik - Early renaissance Artist (Andrija Mutnjaković - author of text, Luka Mjeda - author of photography)...

Exhibition / Award / Monograph PORTRET HRVATSKE 2020

Exhibition / Award / Monograph PORTRET HRVATSKE...

This Exhibition shows 50 authors with one of their portraits. At the opening ceremony we presented this years Award to Walter Sirotić and presented the photo-monograph PORTRET HRVATSKE 2020 with 136...



Hrvatski fotografski centar (HFC) će početkom 2020. godine organizirati izložbu fotografskih portreta građana RH te izdati prvu monografiju PORTRET HRVATSKE 2020 kojom ćemo današnju RH predstaviti Europskoj...



Photography Exhibition of LUKA MJEDA presenting the pre-renaissance Albanian sculptor and architect ANDREA ALESSI.

Luka Mjeda, K169 buccal LUKA 2, 2011 View larger

K169 buccal LUKA 2

C – type photo
2011, printed later
Signed, dated, and numbered on the reverse

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€ 950.00

“…The 130.000 year old archeological findings of the Krapina Neandertals teeth provide a variety of data about their biology. Beyond this, the teeth are also images of art, stimulating the imagination of scientists and artists by their striking appearance. As part of the 2 year NESPOS project, Luka Mjeda photographed the entire Krapina Neandertal collection. Everyone looks at images in unique, personal ways. The scientist sees the arrangement of the cusps, the wear on the crown and sometimes odd arrangements of the cusps suggesting an image of a baby’s face or crouching figure. What does the artist Luka Mjeda see? Are they just teeth or dirty old fossils? Not to him and not for these teeth. Beyond their anthropological importance, these teeth contain a surreal component - a concept of constant change and development of humans through ancient history. Intrigued by this idea, he allowed himself to manipulate the original images and create a new perspective and homage to the way we view – TEETH AS ART…“ 

David Frayer

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