HRVATSKI FOTOGRAFSKI CENTAR / CROATIAN PHOTOGRAPHY CENTER is THE Online Gallery for Creative and Original Photography of Croatian Photographers. HFC was established in 2006 and after 11 years of promoting Croatian Photography, we are now offering and selling Fine Art Photographs of Croatian Artists.

HFC is devoted to showcase the best Croatian Photographer´s work while also guarantying authenticity of the prints. HFC is starting with just a few of the very best Croatian Photographers and will gradually continue building up this site with many more in the next few months.

We hope to receive feedback from all you visitors of HFC Online Gallery and of course, we expect you to SEE, LOVE & BUY Croatian Creative Photography.

News from HFC

PORTRET 2019 Nagrada / Award

PORTRET 2019 Nagrada / Award

Exhibition Opening and Presentation of the Award PORTRET 2019 for the best portrait by a Croatian Photographer

HFC Nagrada  - PORTRET 2019

HFC Nagrada - PORTRET 2019

HFC Nagrada - PORTRET 2019 Nagrada i Natječaj za najbolji fotografski portret koji je snimio hrvatski fotograf. HFC Award - PORTRET 2019 Award and Competition for the Best Photo Portrait by a Croatian...